Levulan® (aminolevulenic acid) used with Blu-U™ is a two-step treatment. Levulan® is applied to the skin and activated by the Blu-U™. This treatment kills the acne bacteria and also peels the superficial skin layers. Light energy alone can have a significant effect on the skin, but we are always looking for better, gentler, more effective, or more versatile solutions to offer our patients. One of the great discoveries in the realm of photofacial treatments was the discovery of photosensitizers. Levulan is formulated with delta aminolevulinic acid a compound that is naturally present in the human body. When applied topically, prior to Blu-U light therapy, it dramatically enhances the effect. Following treatment, you will notice damaged skin sloughing off, and you may feel as though you have been sunburned. However, this only lasts a few days before fresh, healthy, radiant skin is revealed. Most acne patients experience significant improvement with between one and six treatments.

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