VivierSkin is quite simply the world’s #1 topical Vitamin C line. VivierSkin is the only pharmaceutical grade skin care brand that combines the powerful benefits of the world’s #1 patented Vitamin C serums (L-Ascorbic Acid USP) with pharmaceutical grade cleansers, toners, eye therapy products, moisturizers, advanced sun protection products, body care and complete skin care systems. The result: a flawless canvas, known as Vivierskin. Recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and skin care specialists, VivierSkin products are ideal for many skin types and conditions from dry, sensitive skin to hyperpigmentation and anti-aging.


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VivierSkin Platiné

VivierSkin Platiné is the latest innovation from Vivier Pharma. Featuring the Peptide CR Eye Crème, Peptide CR Complex and Peptide CR Crème, this premium family of products is formulated with pharmaceutical grade advanced peptide technology, Vitamin C and Retinol. VivierSkin Platiné helps refresh the appearance of the eyes, face, neck and décolleté – for a complexion that is youthful and radiant.

vivier platine
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SkinTx is a pharmaceutical grade daily skin restoration system that helps correct hyperpigmentation, aging skin, irregular skin texture and tone, skin laxity and acne.  SkinTx helps restore the skin’s vitality by using a powerful combination of Retinol, Hydroquinone, Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid USP) – a unique combination that yields remarkable results.  SkinTx is recognized and endorsed by industry leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons for its pharmaceutical quality, ease of use and consistent results.

 Guelph skin Lightening Cream
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SkinCeuticals  is on a mission to improve skin health. Dedicated to this purpose, they make one simple promise-to provide advanced skincare backed by science. Born from decades of skin cancer research, their high potency formulas are concentrated in pure actives and proven to penetrate optimally into skin. Made in the USA, they are used and recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons, select pharmacies, medical spas, and premium spas to both correct the signs of aging and prevent future damage.
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Skin Nourishing Mineral Makeup That Covers, Corrects & Protects

glo minerals offers a mineral makeup system uniquely designed for skincare professionals and their clients. Their award winning makeup formulations deliver unsurpassed coverage, UV and environmental protection and an exceptional spectrum of mineral pigments. Talc-free and non-comedogenic, glo minerals provides the ideal choice for even the most sensitive skin.

  • Exceptional coverage that lasts
  • Powerful antioxidant blend
  • Formulated for sensitive skin

Guelph microdermabrasion

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Discover the secret to longer, darker lashes! Latisse®, a prescription treatment available at ArtMed, grows fuller, longer, darker lashes in just 12 weeks. Latisse® is the perfect solution for those experiencing thinning eyelashes as a result of aging – but is used by women of all ages who want a more beautiful set of lashes.Skin Care Clinic Guelph, Ontario

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Achi and Achi+ Medical Compression Socks

Lunatik Athletiks is committed to creating synergies of fabulous design with medical efficacy so you can express your unique personality! With both the technical efficacy of a “modern” day graduated compression sock, a fashionable bespoke design you can wear everywhere everyday. Achi socks are created from the philosophy of understanding what motivates you and staying authentic. From extreme endurance athletic endeavors or a walk to work we strive to share our passion for expression with a premium fit and function. Thoughtfully designed in Canada and worn all over the globe.

achi-logoRequires a prescription

20-30 mmHg graduated compression

Fit and measured at a clinic by a certified clinician





Does not require a prescription

15 – 22 mmHg graduated compression

Fit by shoe size and can be purchased at ArtMed


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Sigvaris Medical Compression Garments

Compression therapy is a cornerstone in the treatment of venous disorders and diseases of the lymphatic system. Compression therapy is also used to prevent venous thrombosis. SIGVARIS Medical Products, prescribed by your doctor and correctly fitted, may positively improve the health of your legs by reducing venous symptoms and improving the venous blood flow.

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KELO-COTE® Scar Repair

Kelo-cote® is a patented, transparent, self-drying silicone gel technology which improves the appearance of scars and prevents abnormal or excessive scar formation. Its main ingredient, silicone, is the No. 1 dermatologist-recommended scar-reduction treatment ingredient.

Kelo-cote® works to diminish the appearance of hypertrophic scars and keloids, which have a raised and/or discolored appearance. These types of scars may result from surgery, injury, burns, acne, cuts, insect bites, and others.

Kelo-cote® is self-drying, colorless and odorless. When used as directed, Kelo-cote® has been shown to soften and flatten raised scars, and reduce the redness associated with scars. Kelo-cote® is clinically tested, and effective for both old and new scars; it also is suitable for use on children and people with sensitive skin.

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