Double Chin

Few areas bother clients as much as the appearance of a double chin. Fortunately there is finally help – Belkyra!™

What is a Belkyra Injectable?

Belkyra™ is a Health Canada approved, safe injectable substance that is used to reduce, and potentially eliminate, fat under the chin.  This fat under the chin, otherwise known as submental adipose tissue, commonly called a double chin, is slowly dissolved by Belkyra™ injections, and the result is a non-surgical and non-invasive removal of the double chin.

Double Chin Treatment Options


Are you discouraged about the fat pockets underneath your chin because it makes you look older and heavier?

Does it rob you of confidence in your appearance?

Double chins often resist dieting and exercise, and can be caused by aging, genetics or weight gain.


BELKYRA™, is the latest addition to the Allergan family.

It is a non­surgical treatment that improves the appearance and profile of double chins.


What is BELKYRA™ ?

BELKYRA™ is a synthetic chemical substance that can be found naturally in the human body in smaller quantities. The active ingredient in BELKYRA™is deoxycholic acid, which has been used in non­surgical cosmetic treatments for the reduction of localized areas of fat for over a decade, both in Europe and North America. Deoxycholate is one of the body’s naturally occurring bile salts. When injected into fat layers underneath the chin, BELKYRA™ causes the destruction of fat cells. Once destroyed, those cells cannot store or accumulate fat.

How BELKYRA™ Works

Similar to dermal fillers, an injection is placed into the fat under the chin, and then breaks it down.

As a lecithin­type of chemical, it disrupts the cell membrane of fat cells releasing the content and gently smoothing out the cell pockets until your double chin is a thing of the past. Your body has significant capacity to remove free fatty acids and glycerol, safely and effectively. Once the contents are released they travel back to your liver for processing or through your kidneys for natural elimination.

With a few treatments, over time double chins can be significantly reduced or eliminated.

Many patients experienced visible and permanent results in two to four treatments, although up to six treatments may be necessary.

Watch the CTV news story on BELKYRA™ .

Learn more on the Belkyra™ website.

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